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Trouble brewing for Seniors on Medicare!

On Jan. 1, 2016, CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) plans to expand competitive bidding program rates for Medicare covered home medical supplies and services to rural America. This means that rural home medical equipment providers will face a reimbursement reduction of 40-50 percent in most areas. The effect on seniors and people with disabilities will be devastating. We refuse to idly sit by and watch this happen and need your help.

WHAT IS COMPETITIVE BIDDING ANYWAY ? The competitive bidding law requires providers to bid on Medicare contracts,  The provider who puts in the lowest bid wins the contract. Competitive bidding was implemented to lower Medicare costs and decrease fraudulent activity while providing beneficiaries with quality medical equipment and services; however the opposite is happening.

  • LONGER WAIT TIMES:  Less providers + growing  number of Medicare beneficiaries = longer wait times for equipment and services. Not only does this cause frustration for the patient, but can be dangerous and expensive. If a patient is in need of equipment right away, such as an oxygen tank, they do not have time to wait. Once their situation is dire enough, the patient will go to the hospital, which costs more  money in the long run.
  • LOWER QUALITY EQUIPMENT: Remember, Medicare awards contracts to the lowest bidders. If Store A says they will provide wheelchairs for $150 and Store B wins the bid, because they can provide wheelchairs for $50, beneficiaries will be left with basic and lower quality equipment.
  • GOODBYE PROVIDERS: Many providers who have been in business for decades and built strong relationships with beneficiaries are being forced to shut their doors, because they did not win a Medicare contract. If they do not win a contract, they are only able to provide equipment to beneficiaries who are willing to pay out-of-pocket or pay through private insurance.
Patient complaints are soaring in those areas now affected by competitive bidding process.  Medical equipment access issues continue to plague beneficiaries as new areas are impacted. See for yourself at  
But what can I do?  Please contact your legislator to ask them to support legislation that stops rural rollout. Find your legal represetative at

We appreciate your loyalty through the years and can surely use your assistance to stand together on this important issue -- Thank you!

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Home Medical

Our durable Home Medical Equipment (DME or HME) division deals in medical equipment. Both in the Home and in Healthcare facilities, our equipment is designed to aid in a better quality of life. Furnished in the home, this equipment sometimes gives folks an option other than staying in the hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility. Types of equipment we have are: oxygen, hospital beds, diabetic supplies, wheelchairs, ramps, cpap and supplies, and nebulizers to name a few.

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